Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introduction to Design Patterns Through Java Programming

A Happy New Year Everyone! :)

As I am currently in Japan, I have decided to learn some programming concepts by reading Japanese tech books.


This year, my goals are basically having strong and fundamental knowledge of both Java and Ruby (ironically although I had an appropriate and wonderful opportunity for learning ruby last semester in EdX course..)


So I have started reading this Japanese tech book - "Introduction to Design Patterns Through Java Programming", which is fairly fundamental, yet well-detailed and important for me to fully understand what Java and Programming is all about. To be honest, I could not learn as much as I could have while I was learning Java at school, so basically I need to catch up.

Github Repo

I have made github repository specifically for keeping my codes and what I have learned through reading this book and transcribing codes described on it.

I will keep blogging and updating what I have learned and transcribed from the book. Always more than welcome to have any comments with regard to anything!