Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introduction to Design Patterns Through Java Programming

A Happy New Year Everyone! :)

As I am currently in Japan, I have decided to learn some programming concepts by reading Japanese tech books.


This year, my goals are basically having strong and fundamental knowledge of both Java and Ruby (ironically although I had an appropriate and wonderful opportunity for learning ruby last semester in EdX course..)


So I have started reading this Japanese tech book - "Introduction to Design Patterns Through Java Programming", which is fairly fundamental, yet well-detailed and important for me to fully understand what Java and Programming is all about. To be honest, I could not learn as much as I could have while I was learning Java at school, so basically I need to catch up.

Github Repo

I have made github repository specifically for keeping my codes and what I have learned through reading this book and transcribing codes described on it.

I will keep blogging and updating what I have learned and transcribed from the book. Always more than welcome to have any comments with regard to anything!


  1. Hey Shohei, great post! Lovely to see you still blogging and that's a great idea to create a repo for your design patterns. I see you've got quite a few in there already - any thoughts so far on the relative usefulness of the patterns? I think it's really interesting to look at how patterns are implemented in Java and in a more scripty language like Ruby or Python

    1. Hi Sam, thank you a lot for your comment! Yes, I personally think design patterns could be a lot useful since by understanding design patterns and making use of them, programmers can explain their codes to others fairly easily by referring to and using concepts and features of each design patterns. I really love to grasp the depth of those! :)