Saturday, September 29, 2012

What I think are the 'Dream Games' - Pokemon and Rockman

Some people say that the goal of the game is to let the user have different options of winning for themselves, as the process of gameplay is great if the users can feel that they are actually in the game, managing the story to move forward by themselves.

I think that Pokemon('Pocket Monsters') and Rockman are the games that seemed to me the closest to what I think is the'dream game'; those two games actually allow its users to whether strengthen their characters even after they manage to defeat the final boss of the game. So there is actually an additional story that users can enjoy after they defeat the final boss (well technically users can fight against some of the characters that come up after the basic story ends). Japanese people sometimes call those characters or enemies 'hidden enemies'; they usually appear if you optionally strengthen your characters and find the additional story of the game by exploring the game.

Since both of the games successfully provide an optional way for enjoying the game even more for passionate gamers, I chose those two games as the closest to the dream games. If you guys have not played those yet, I strongly recommend that you play those.

I have personally played both of the games quite well, and both games are the ones that I really like the most, because those games had never made me tired although I had been playing them for tons of hours! (**warning** this means both games are seriously addictive, so be careful when you play those; I am sure nobody wants to regret after they play the game for a whole day and realize that they have not done anything except for playing games... although playing games is sometimes just as awesome as refreshing by playing sports..)

For those people who are interested in Pokemon or Rockman, the official websites for both games are available below (Both Japanese and English).

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