Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Game idea #1 - COCKROACH

I have come up several ideas with regard to new games that I would like to create, so I would like to disclose, share it in here, and possibly receive some feedback from anyone reading this blog .. :)


3D (or 2D)

Player point of view



You are one of the cockroaches here in Hawaii. Your way of living is only eating leftover or some food in the trash bin, on the road, and in people's houses. You will need to survive and live as long as you can so that you can prosper your descendant, which is your aim of this game; to conquer the world with full of cockroaches...


  • Basic aim for this game is to survive and gain more power by eating food. In order to get food, you sometimes need to go some dangerous place, such as kitchens where human beings are there cooking.
  • If any of human beings finds you, they will try to kill you, so your goal is then to escape from them and go somewhere safe and recover yourself.
  • Not only human beings, but sometimes you will need to deal with some animals, insects, and so on.
  • By eating food, you can obtain nutrition and improve your skills; you will be able to move faster, fly, or sneak well as you grow by eating food.
  • Eventually you will be able to scare human beings and expel them from their territories so that you can conquer their spaces and obtain more food to grow...

Again, if there is any idea, concern, or advice, I would love to receive some comments with this idea..


  1. Cool. Sounds good to me man. You could make the game more realistic by researching which kind of animals/other bugs eat roaches.

  2. Love this one. If the world was a vast open world and not separated by like levels or instances, that would be too awesome.

  3. I like the idea. Something you could consider is mating between the roaches, so laying eggs to increase the overall number of your species. After all that's what they do here ;)