Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prototype #6 and Presentation

Basically Prototype #6 will be the final prototype of my game in this semester; but again, hopefully I will improve this game and update the info through the blog in the future as well! :)

Here is the prototype #6 of my game:

Peter the Cockroach

Things Changed:

Here are some changes I made from prototype #5:

  • Tutorial text description change from myself(creator) to Father
  • human trap scenario added

Things That Will Be Added(hopefully in the future):

  1. Understanding 'map' command to display the map of the game world.
  2. Human beings' attacks scenario
  3. Dog chasing scenario
  4. World extension
  5. More variety of food


Thank you very much all for creating very fascinating game and interacting together! :) That was really a lot of fun learning how game programming works, steps needed to develop the actual game, and version control system (Github), and more.. I think I really learned a lot from this course - again, thank you Sam, thank you all! :)

Shohei Sasahara

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