Monday, October 1, 2012

New Game idea #2 - The Tag Game

The second idea about my future game will be called The Tag Game.

Name of the game

The Tag Game


3D (or 2D)

Player point of view

Tagger OR Runaway


There is a kingdom called golden kingdom in which there are tons of sold golds. There are basically two kinds of people; police in kingdom(=Tagger in this game), and thefts from a different district.(=Runner in this game).

  • Tagger: You are kind of a police; your job is to find out runners who have stolen golds from the kingdom, and catch all of them.

  • Runner: You are kind of a theft; your job is to run away from police in the kingdom so that you can obtain golds that you have stolen from the kingdom.


The game starts from where thefts just finished stealing the golds, so basically the runaways(thefts) just start to escape from the kingdom. The police is just notified that golds are stolen from runaways. Basically the scene will start from taggers find runaways. However, I am thinking it will be great if runaways can optionally sneak to somewhere in the kingdom so that they can find the way to get out in addition to just running away straightforward from taggers as if we do in the real world.

Both taggers and runaways can obtain some special ability by getting items in the field; they are randomly set, and both taggers and runaways can take it. Those items strengthen users by giving an special ability (e.g. taggers can get a gun that shoots webs to catch runaways, or runaways can obtain the item to fasten themselves, etc..)

Again, if there is any idea, concern, or advice, I would love to receive some comments with this idea..


  1. Neat idea! It seems like this game could be multi or single player. I like those games. Similar to many chess games. Would be neat to incorporate different types of weapons for the police, based on their performance. Also, different mechanisms for the thieves to use (fast cars, helicopters, specialized assistants), also based on their gold stock from previous victories.

  2. Great game idea. There is a similar free to play game like this called APB:Reloaded where players can be cops or criminals. They play against each other trying to complete missions while also killing each other with guns. Cops can choose to use non-lethal weapons that only stun the target for higher rewards. I guess it would be considered a more violent version of this idea. Cops and robbers is fun!

  3. I also think that this is a good game idea. You could make it so that the cops have to interact with the criminals before they start running. Like there are a bunch of citizens running around and only some are the criminals.