Monday, October 1, 2012

New Game idea #3 - Tetris Shooter

The third idea about my future game will be called Tetris Shooter.

Name of the game

Tetris Shooter


3D (or 2D)

Player point of view

Tetris shooter


There is a kingdom called Tetris Kingdom where everything is made of Tetris blocks, and you are one of the soldiers of the kingdom. Recently, someone created the monsters by the Tetris blocks; those monsters can move and eat Tetris blocks to grow. As the monsters happen to know that there is a Tetris kingdom, which would be a full storage of food for them, they started attacking the kingdom.

Your aim is of course protecting the kingdom from the invasion of those Tetris block monsters.


As you are the soldier, you can move by yourself, the enemies will attack toward you anyway, and you only have a gun.

The kingdom has made this gun that allows soldiers to shoot blocks of Tetris as bullets, which has a special power to silence the monsters by adequately shooting those monsters with appropriate blocks that match and fit the shape of the monster's body. Unless you shoot the monsters with the appropriate blocks of Tetris, you will need to shoot some additional amount of Tetris.

The enemy will try to attack and eat you. If you are bitten several times, you will die. In order to survive and protect the kingdom, you will need to shoot blocks of Tetris wisely to reduce the loss of the bullets since it may become an serious issue later.

Again, if there is any idea, concern, or advice, I would love to receive some comments with this idea..


  1. I think this is a really interesting cross-over game idea. Would the bullets have to move slowly so you could rotate them in flight to fit the monster? Or would you just select the correct piece, then fire and forget? I wonder if a teris axe would be an interesting alternative, rotating it as you swing it ...

  2. Sam > I am thinking that the player could select the correct piece from the bullets they already have, but I thought shooting them and rotating them as they are in flight to fit the monster also sounds interesting..