Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tetris Shooter Focus

Tetris Shooter is a tetris-based shooting game. The player is experiencing attacks from enemies toward them, who are trying to hit and eventually eat the player. The player will have to manage themselves to shoot the appropriate tetris bullets from their guns to defeat the enemies by fiting the shape of the enemies and the bullets. The environment of this game will be 3D, so the appearance of the enemies should be realistic or frightful enough that helps the player concentrate on the game in order to survive. This game is unique in a way that the player does not just try to fit the Tetris blocks, but actually fight against the enemies within a limited time, which gives the player a pressure.


  1. Good stuff. Of course tetris pieces in 3d means you have more options for shapes. You might want to consider dropping down to blocks made out of 3 cubes, since the 4 squares of tetris is important in terms of allowing for some variation but not too much. You might also want to do a search on 3D tetris to see how others have done it.

  2. Sam > I see. Still could not figure out what you meant by "dropping down to blocks made out of 3 cubes", but will definitely search on 3D tetris :)

  3. when I say three cubes, I mean that in 2D tetris all the shape consist of four squares - they are in fact all possible combinations that you can arrange four squares in. The creator of tetris tried with 5 squares but found it made the game too complicated and that 3 squares made it too simple. 4 squares was just right. However the dynamics of spatial arrangement and human abilities are different in 3d, which is why I was thinking that in a 3D version of tetris that you might have to have tetris pieces made out of 3 cubes, rather than 4 cubes.

    There are a few 3d tetris games around - check out:

    1. I have checked out some of the 3d tetris games and it really is interesting; it gives players totally different experience from the one with 2d.. Amazing!