Friday, December 14, 2012

HPU Men's Basketball Project

User Stories and Scenarios

I have written two user scenarios for my user stories for my project of HPU Men's Basketball team, so I would like to share it. For writing user scenarios, I referred to my professor Sam's Github Repo of his project for local non-profit as well as Engineering Long-Lasting Software (ELLS), specifically Chapter 5 of it where it talks about BDD, User Stories Cucumber scenarios and so on. Here is my user stories and scenarios for HPU Men's Basketball Team project:

I will improve user stories and scenarios more and update gist, so this embedded gist may look different in the future, but this is what I have got so far.

Github Repository and Pivot Tracker

I have also created Github repository and a Pivotal Tracker story specifically for this project, so do check those out if anyone is interested in :)

The semester almost ends, and I think it is nearly possible for me to actually develop the complete solution within the semester(and possibly alternatives not just what the customers is currently willing to have), but I am strongly eager to try to help them out in some way next semester, in the future as well.

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