Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prototype #5 - Peter the Cockroach

Here is the prototype #5 of my game:

Peter the Cockroach

Things Changed:

Here are some changes I made from prototype #4:

  • Informing viable direction when the player tries to go to the not viable direction.
  • Some sort of auto understanding functionality when mistyped.:
    if the player accidentally pushes enter, then the game will recognize it as 'Look', and so on.
  • Visual change in the game play page:
    Cockroach image, cover image, and so on(the flexibility of the size of texts are still under construction..)
  • Welcome and info text section at the home page:
    Players can go there by clicking 'homepage' button on the right side of the game play page.

Things That Will Be Added:

  1. Understanding 'map' command to display the map of the game world.
  2. Human beings' attacks scenario
  3. Dog chasing scenario
  4. Human Beings' traps scenario
  5. World extension
  6. More variety of food


I have updated my Github page for Peter the Cockroach, Github Wiki page and Github Issues page. If anyone is interested in, feel free to visit and take a look at those! :)

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