Monday, December 3, 2012

Review - The Sims Social on Facebook

I have played the game The Sims Social on Facebook, so I would like to review what I felt while playing this game.

First Impression: This is THE Social Game

I have not played the social game a lot in my life, so at first, I did not know what to do although The Sims Social has a tutorial where players can firstly get used to the world in the game, visual experience, etc. In addition to it, it is really fresh to me to play this kind of game where people can actually interact with others in the virtual world, and this game was more realistic in terms of characters' faces, houses, etc compared to other social games. That's how I felt.

As I keep playing the game, I found that correcting the ball-looking points things that come out by doing some sort of actions in the game is interesting because of its sound and movement when I hover on it. As I kept correcting more, I thought my character in the game is getting better or growing, and I thought that feeling is what inspires players and lets them have fun in this game.

Usage Difficulty?

After I played the game for the second time, I realized that I can move the view of the world by dragging the mouse, and somehow I did know realize it in the first time. Thus, I was having difficulty clicking the ball-looking points to correct although it will automatically be added as points after waiting for some time.

What To Do?

In conclusion, although this game was interesting to me in a way that by doing something, I can earn some points for buying new things and making my character better, I could still not figure out what I really had to do, or enjoy this game. This is because I am a kind of person that I need the purpose or aim when I play the game, so I am not sure. Yet, I really liked the sounds in this game, visual experience in this game, movements of the characters, and varieties of things I can do in this game! Here is the official website of this game (not from facebook): The Sims Social. The announcement trailer of this game really rocks!

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