Monday, December 3, 2012

Prototype #3 - Peter the Cockroach

Here is the prototype #3 of my game:

Peter the Cockroach

Things Changed:

Here are some changes I made from prototype #2:

  • Added winning scenario:
    eating sufficient food to get over 5 points of score.
  • Added flexibility of understanding singular form of things
    e.g. Just by typing 'straw', the game will understand it as 'straws'
  • Added some food in the game world:
    hairs and leavings
  • Added some randomness in the game to have variety of losing scenario:
    being crashed while crossing the road happens randomly, and if the player is lucky, they can directly go to the kitchen without any hassle.
  • Added score rule that players can earn score by eating food:
    the score the player can earn depends on food.
  • Added a score display on the right side of the game screen.

Things That Will Be Added:

  1. Tutorial mode
  2. Understanding 'help' command to display what commands each player can type.
  3. Understanding 'map' command to display the map of the game world.
  4. Human beings' attacks scenario
  5. Dog chasing scenario
  6. Human Beings' traps scenario
  7. Auto-spelling completion
  8. World extension
  9. More variety of food
Yes, more revisions and improvements needed...!!!!


Now I am kind of getting used to inform7 game development, so I am more eager to add and implement new features and stories in this game.. This game will improve more! :)


Now I have updated my Github page for Peter the Cockroach, briefly created Github Wiki page and Github Issues page. If anyone is interested in, feel free to visit and take a look at those! :)

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