Monday, November 12, 2012

10-min Free Writing Just For Fun!

Free writing

I have done what is called 'free writing'. I thought it is fairly interesting to see what I have got after I finish it; I felt like I was objectively reading what I had written, and it is very interesting since although those words are what come out from my brain and literally I typed, but those just did not seem to me so.

However, I personally found it not natural thing to do since English is not my 1st language, and my TextEdit's auto-spelling collection rewrote some of my words or fixed my mistyping. Anyhow, I strongly recommend that people do that just for fun although I do not think this is really outstanding or amazing activity that dramatically changed my way of thinking or whatsoever; it is just interesting to actually take a look at what you are thinking or creating unconsciously in your brain, I guess :)

Here is what I have got from my 10-min free writing:

I don't think it is very important for us to know each other just because people are different from each other. I doth think it is necessary for usto know each other wsas well. The thing most important is that we need ourselves sos sire isto top doing that. I think it is necessary animals and people nature sea sky blue anything that is related to human beings i think interesting it is that we are in hawwaii now studying english and so on those important things will affect our future i am so sure. but the key concept again is that we need to focus on things we do right now not for the future because pooeple need to live and so on . the man is standing behind the sky and train and it is snowily and things get screwd but no worry. I think the sound of music makes people happy in a better way since it is necessary for us to focus on and concentrate on one thing and music makes it possible for us to do. but music is hard tfor making money and i understand it but creating music and harmony is so beautiful but calligraphy is also beautiful but does not matter who you are but things get matter is we do not know about it and thus it is not important so life is easy and get go on and go beyond and get salary and find yourself stupid is sometimes important i think. the iPad is very beautiful and steve jobs is really crazy and intelligent but those new things make us drive crazy sometimes because we really do not need those things but people try to buy things and they stick to it and it is not important. coffee make sme think more better and worse sometimes it is not very good for driking coffee but asai bowl is very delicious but it is not important and earphone and laptop pc and macbook air and other things are mechanical and those things vary and change our way of living but it is the nature that we need to care not the machine and our human beings are growing and increasing its number dramatically and the earth is afraid of us and so we are afraid of the earth and it but toes it make sense not seems and no sense but whatever and i think shark bag is my favorite thing cuz it is cute no not cute but it is easy to carry and easy going music i love and those things doe no matter but i do not think life is easy but sometimes we care about totters and others and happiness and utopia and other things as well. i have work to do in the future in tokyo shibuya and excited about it but it does not matter right now no it matters for me and game programming is a lot of fun but it has a lot of things to do in my life not just for game programming and my grandfather told me something with his white hair and old tiny eyes and smiling and small wind makes us very comfortable and happy and green mountains and grasses make me think that it is very calm and helpful and peaceful and the world is wonderful but it started raining and everything changed and typing is very tiring now and why i am typing and typing gets really fun and all of these things are now really fun and gosh i think i am typing a lot fin 10 mins and but it is fun cuz i have never done this sort of things before and i think writing in pencil varies from typing but i think its still worth doing so i think by doing so i wanna learn new things and new ways of thinking and get better and grow but game programming is so much fun and inform7 is difficult and sometimes i get stuck bjsut because i do not know how to do and twitter and i thought i need to create another account for it and coffee makes it fun and typing growly. i guess things get matter or so .


  1. I feel the same way, Everyone is different. This means that different people will have different results and opinions on free writing. I think if a person is more logical that creative, they will tend to have a hard time "just writing". But If that person is creative, free writing can lead to some very peculiar thoughts. Sometimes it may even come out as a story or a narrative picture. As for myself, I also don't find the use for "free writing".

  2. Hey Josh, interesting to see you commenting on something from the game programming class, which is where that free-writing thing came from. One motivation behind the free-writing is to let the brain defocus and allow creative connections to emerge. Particularly important in the more creative arts, e.g. game design, but potentially a powerful brainstorming technique for any medium. Might be interesting to try it as you try to brainstorm ideas for the systems analysis class projects ...?