Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project Idea #2

Institute of Human Services

I have sent an email to another non-profit organization, IHS(Institute of Human Services), and thought that the kind of volunteering they are demanding, which is 'Program Assistant with Data Entry and File Management' could possibly be connected with my project of web app or site development (or not).

According to the Volunteer Opportunity Details section on Volunteer Hawaii website, it says,

IHS' Wellness Clinics are in need of assistance to activate our new Electronic Medical Records program - lots of data entry required. Are you available 4 or more hours/week Monday thru Friday? Please help!!

I am not sure what kind of program or particular system they are using, but certainly the background for this issue is that they have a lot of data(Medical Records) needed to be entered and they are lack of people for entering those data.


I can tell that IHS is certainly willing to enter medical records into their new Electronic Medical Records program, but since they are lack of people or money to hire some people, they cannot achieve what they are willing to, and by me volunteering as a program assistant with data entry and file management, maybe I can help them achieve their goal, which leads to foster their social work - 'comprehensive social services agency working to prevent and end homelessness in Hawaii', and moreover, maybe I can make use of knowledge and skills I acquired and am acquiring now through SE class and more.., which definitely will be great experience for me as well.

I am currently looking for non-profit organizations that are seeking some tech volunteers or help. If you happen to know any, please let me know by commenting in this post or in any way. Mahalo


  1. Great blogging Shohei. I think you are absolutely right that there might be a opportunity here, but of course there may not. However definitely worth an email to see if one exists.

    1. Sam,

      Yes, trying to send more emails to non-profit organizations now! :)