Monday, November 19, 2012

Game Review - MargaritaVille on Facebook

I have played MargaritaVille on facebook recently, so I would like to share the information about this game, how I felt while playing it, and so on.

What is MargaritaVille?

According to the official website of MargaritaVille, it says:

Margaritaville ® Online™ is an everyday escape to a virtual tropical paradise inspired by the lifestyle of author and singer-songwriter, Jimmy Buffett.

Basically you have a character assigned when you star playing it, and you can have a small virtual life in a tropical paradise with this character by changing what to wear, talking to people, buying something, exploring the virtual world, and more. If you can see the official Trailer below (if you have never seen it before), that will help how the atmosphere of the game is like..

Review of the Game

I have not played the game for very long time, but MargaritaVille on Facebook was really interesting enough just by moving your character and exploring the world; the world and the movements of the game are clearly made neatly (as game designers and more and more professionals got involved I suppose..), and I personally like the sound effects that this game has, especially when you hit and destroy the blocks of container :) Overall, though, although I liked those sound effects and how we can change the character's avatars and so on, the game did not interest me enough to let me actually think I wanna play this game more!!

Could It Be Better...?

One thing I realized was (very small thing, but..) when the player clicks the virtual people to have a conversation with them, normally the game manages that both characters to be face-to-face so that it seems like that virtual people are actually talking as people in the real world do, but in a certain situation (I guess when the player manages their character to approach to other virtual people near enough), this effect does not function properly and the player does not move their face to the person the character is talking to, like the picture on the left.

Although I guessed that this very tiny thing does not matter to the atual game play, it is so little that nobody who is playing this game bothers to care, I thought because there are so many games that have the same, very tiny issue, I thought that MargaritaVille could make it better by fixing this tiny little thing I had realized while I was playing the game.

Yet, I really enjoyed playing this game! :)

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