Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inform7 - Keyboard Restriction Functionality..?

Background Info

I have been making a game called 'Peter the Cockroach', which is a text-based interactive game using Inform7. This game allows players to experience the world from cockroach point of view and have some thrills by sneaking around and stealing food, eating whatever they can to survive while escaping from any danger.

Through the development of this game, I have realized that having functionality of tutorials would be very useful in order to allow players to get used to this text-based interactive game and the world that I have created in the game.

Explanation of What I Wish to Have

Thus, I would like to create a functionality where, like after the narrative text is shown, and after the player reads that instruction, they can type the word, like 'yes', and it goes to the next instruction, or actually asking the player to type certain words or anything like that to make sure that players get used to the game.

If anyone knows how to implement this functionality in inform7 or some resources where I can take a look, could you please let me know? Mahalo!