Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prototype #2 - Peter the Cockroach

Here is the prototype #2 of my game - Peter the Cockroach.

Things Changed

Here are some changes I made from prototype #1:

  • Added losing scenarios
  • Added cars
  • Added direction-recognition functionality - straight as north, back as south, left as west, right as east
  • Replaced some of the rooms - entrance of the house, Garden, and Kannal
Yes, more revisions and improvements needed...!!!!

I was thinking that the victory scenario will be by invading human beings' house through the quest and collecting and meeting more and more cockroach friends, but I guess this would be really huge and tremendous effort required, so I am now trying to come up with new victory scenario - the one I came up is that there is no victory scenario; the player can stay and get higher and higher score by stealing food from human beings house, and when they get back to home, the game will end in victory, but when the player dies through the way, then the player's score will be always 0.

However, I cannot think of any idea so far, so I am actually asking for more ideas for victory scenario of this game! So, if anyone can think of anything, could you please let me know? Any idea will be welcome! :-)

Here is the actual new prototype you can play - Peter the Cockroach


  1. perhaps the victory scenario could be having baby cockroaches?

    1. Sam, I think that's really a nice idea..! I would like to implement that scenario in my game :)

  2. I also agree with Sam. Making the end game scenario having baby cockroaches is a brilliant idea. I would like to add that maybe you should have a certain amount of cockroach population increase to win the game.

    1. Josh, your idea also sounds really interesting and fascinating :) Although I am now kind of in the process of fixing and adding small things, after this, I would love to implement the winning scenario like you have suggested. :)