Thursday, November 8, 2012

'Peter the Cockroach' Focus

Since I have decided to create a game using inform7 instead of creating a game using Stencyl.

The New Focus - Peter the Cockroach

Peter the Cockroach is a text-based adventure game. The player is experiencing the world of view as if he/she is cockroach whose name is Peter. The player will have to manage themselves to survive in the world of human beings by sneaking neatly and eating food from human beings' houses.

If necessary, the player needs to escape from any attacks by others - Cars, runners, animals, etc. The player will damage as time goes by hunger, so keep getting sufficient amount of food is critical. The goal of the game (so far) is to meet other cockroaches from other regions and bring them back to home; inside of one of the manholes on Ala Wai Canal road.

The environment of this game will be text, so the key point for making this game would be how to let players realize that there is (or are) piece(s) of information that they can make use of in order to survive and go on. This game is unique in a way that the player is actually a cockroach, which really most of people do not like, and they can experience (at least what I imagine of) how cockroach would be perceiving or thinking.

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