Thursday, November 22, 2012

Project Idea #3

Hawaii State Judiciary

I have sent an another email to Hawaii State Juniciary since they were recruiting volunteers for data entries, file managements, and more. Although they are courts, and they are not possibly 'non-profit organization', since they are demanding volunteers for promoting more of volunteer opportunities in the community through date organizing and management, I thought I could help them in some way as this project.

According to Volunteer Opportunity Details section on Volunteer Hawaii website, it says:

The Judiciary Volunteer Office is seeking enthusiastic and qualified individuals to assist with the operation of the Volunteer Program. Duties include data entry, filing, customer service, inventory, general office duties, recruiting, orientations and more.

Very similar to my Project #2 idea, I am not sure what kind of program or particular system they are using (I guess they are using Microsoft applications?), but certainly the background for this issue is that they have a lot of data needed to be entered and they are lack of people for entering those data.


Although Hawaii State Judiciary may not be a non-profit organization, I think this is really valuable opportunity for me to have since I do not have much knowledge of judiciaries in Hawaii as well as volunteer experience. I have already sent an email to the Judiciary Volunteer Office, but I have not received any response from them. Hopefully I can get a response from them after the thanksgiving holidays, but if not, I will make a call to them.

The problem that the Judiciary Volunteer Office has is that they are lack of volunteers for data entries and management. What I can offer is the time and human power for data entries and management, and ideally I can offer them some alternatives that they can choose to make their ways of data management better by using some technology, such as Web application or sites.

I am currently looking for non-profit organizations that are seeking some tech volunteers or help. If you happen to know any, please let me know by commenting in this post or in any way. Mahalo


  1. Another great exploratory effort Shohei. I'll be very interested to hear if you get any feedback :-)

    1. Sam, Yes, I am definitely hoping right now that any non-profit organization will send me a feedback, but I have not got anything yet ..